Friday, June 16, 2017

Pot Holder Post

Greetings Dear Gentle Readers:

I would like to talk today about quilting and potholders.  Is there someone in your life that you would like to make a quick gift for?  You really want to make it just for them in their favorite colors, themes, or decorate it just right. Then, if I may, recommend making her a set of potholders/trivets.  They make up real quick and take only a wee bit of fabric and sewing supplies.  I enjoy making them because I enjoy creating them. :) I ask myself:  which fabric, which quilting stitch, which backing material, which pattern and lastly will it go with their kitchen?  Here is a pair I made up for a gal who loves the autumn season year around!

Hope She Likes Them
I originally had the hearts on the orange and red potholder embroidered in red.  I didn't like it so I took out two of the hearts and sewed them heart in brown.  I didn't like that either, so finally I took out all the colored thread and sewed all the hearts in white thread and I liked it much better.  So, it pays to be persistent!

This One Is "At the Fair"

"Carrots and Tomatoes" 

Love the Backing Fabric
These potholders consist of 2 four patches, 2 square patches, insul-brite, cotton batting, and a cute large back square.  I did the binding with the backing material folded to the front with mitered corners.  So, there was no hand sewing, they will hold up in the washing machine for years to come.

May I say dear ladies... Grab some scrap material and make a friend very happy with your own lovely potholder/trivet creations!!

Mrs. B


  1. I love your fabrics!

  2. Dear Annie:
    Thank you for stopping by! And, thank you for your kind comment. :)
    Mrs. B