Friday, June 16, 2017

Pot Holder Post

Greetings Dear Gentle Readers:

I would like to talk today about quilting and potholders.  Is there someone in your life that you would like to make a quick gift for?  You really want to make it just for them in their favorite colors, themes, or decorate it just right. Then, if I may, recommend making her a set of potholders/trivets.  They make up real quick and take only a wee bit of fabric and sewing supplies.  I enjoy making them because I enjoy creating them. :) I ask myself:  which fabric, which quilting stitch, which backing material, which pattern and lastly will it go with their kitchen?  Here is a pair I made up for a gal who loves the autumn season year around!

Hope She Likes Them
I originally had the hearts on the orange and red potholder embroidered in red.  I didn't like it so I took out two of the hearts and sewed them heart in brown.  I didn't like that either, so finally I took out all the colored thread and sewed all the hearts in white thread and I liked it much better.  So, it pays to be persistent!

This One Is "At the Fair"

"Carrots and Tomatoes" 

Love the Backing Fabric
These potholders consist of 2 four patches, 2 square patches, insul-brite, cotton batting, and a cute large back square.  I did the binding with the backing material folded to the front with mitered corners.  So, there was no hand sewing, they will hold up in the washing machine for years to come.

May I say dear ladies... Grab some scrap material and make a friend very happy with your own lovely potholder/trivet creations!!

Mrs. B

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Girly Kind of Pet with A Girly Kind of Carrying Case

Little Baby Purse
Dear Gentle Readers:

I was able to buy a new quilting book with the most beautiful quilt projects in it. It was not only cute, but I was able to sew something I had never sewn before... a little mini purse.  I didn't follow the directions perfectly, crafter's prerogative, but used the pattern as a guide to make my own little creation.  I am looking forward to making another one, perhaps in a more timely manner, as this little guy took awhile to finish, with even more gorgeous material!

Back View

A Little Visitor

My New Home!

Little Kitty Just Slips Into the Carrying Case
Most Altoids' tins hold little felt mice, but mine hold little puppies and kitty kats. I don't know how to make a cute mouse yet, so until I master that felting project, cats it will be!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my new project from my new book.  I love when other ladies share their ideas and pictures with me, so I do hope you enjoyed your visit with me today at Bunny Cottage and seeing my new little friend and her new little home!


Friday, June 2, 2017

Be Cross! Hee-Hee... I mean Cross Stitched! :)

Dear Gentle Readers:

A Delightful Book

Almost Complete

We all want to relax and slow our pace down a wee bit at times.  I feel a good way to do this is by cross stitching a lovely picture for our friends or our own homes.  It takes time, in fact, it takes a lot of time, especially for me; my eyes are not what they used to be.  But, I poke at my project and in time it finally gets completed.  I really do like the look of the tiny stitches so carefully executed in their appointed place in colors that are glorious.  
And, speaking of colors, isn't it fun to walk up and down the cross stitch isle at the local craft store and see all the beautiful skeins of DMC floss in all their assorted colors.  I never tire of looking at threads and textiles!  
So, ladies, please may I recommend a new craft if you have not tried cross stitching before, or if you have and have a project in process, to enjoy a few stitches with a nice cup of tea and a butter cookie this afternoon!

Mrs. B

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

... And She Works With Her Hands... Quilting

Outstanding For All Levels
Of Quilters

Dear Gentle Readers:

As I think about beautifying our homes I think of colors.  What color or themes will adorn our abode... will the thoughtful housewife consider the bold colors of the parrot, red rubies, vivid sunsets or a brilliant blue peacock?  Will she soothe away stress and bring a calm spirit with a comforting pastel blend or have a shabby chic sitting area?  The gorgeous patterns of roses, stripes, and soft pastels with creamy creams and aged distressed antique whites make the heart slow down and remember loveliness and beauty.  And, not forgetting our Americana friends who use red, white, and blue colors, either in their true sense or the brick reds, navy blues, and tea-dyed creams that show a balanced blend of color and is peaceful to the eye.  There are those who enjoy the fun and upbeat themes of cheery cherries, rich vibrant reds of strawberries, and roosters galore adorning their kitchens and dining rooms with placemats, wall hanging, knickknacks, and chair cushions.

My new Moda quilting book is a terrific book for all quilters.  It has something for everyone.  I like small projects compared to large bulky ones.  I do believe I will never make a queen size quilt again, but I do enjoy making table runners, placemats, and cases of different sizes and shapes.  With this book you can make row by row quilts, join in a row by row challenge at your guild, or only use part of the row and make a cute small wall hanging or table runner.  I have to say the laundry line design is pure cuteness!

Never Lose A Spoon

Oh No! Dinosaurs Tracks!
I was able to make a dinosaur placemat for a little guy who loves them, and with this pattern he will not misplace his spoon when he is eating his cereal.  This was to be a quilt-as-you-go pattern, but I just jumped right in and forgot all about that. So, I was finished with the top and realized it was a quilt-as-you-go and I didn't have it all in place.  I said to myself, "That was silly!" and on I went to complete it as a regular placemat.  It has a traditional binding that was hand sewn on the back.

Corners Are Sharp and True
With My New Method of Binding 

Vintage Sewing Machines
on the Backing Fabric

Spools of Thread
Cool Threads Block
This new quilt table topper is made of some cute fabric from one of my students who made a tea cozy, placemats and a toaster cover for her home.  I took the leftover material and made this topper for her to set on her table.  It was a fun little pattern from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet Farmer Girl Vintage Book.  I just love the spools of thread design, hopefully it will remind her of our sewing classes. I binded this quilt a bit different this time.  I did a back to forward binding and machined stitched all around.  I really like how it came out, after a bit of struggling with the corners. :)  All's well that ends well!

Precious Baby Num Num says...
"I Know I Am Loved!"
As homemakers, grandmothers, and mother let us always be ready to show our love to others by being busy about making life beautiful for our loved ones and friends. And, even if crafts are not what you enjoy doing; phone calls, flowers from the garden, home-made biscuits, and lovely notes in the mail, make hearts sing and feel loved!

"Beloved, Let Us Love One Another"
The Lord through the Apostle John

Mrs. B

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moda Fabric Zipper Case Complete

Just Waiting For Colored Pencils
Dear Gentle Readers:

Blessings to all the ladies who graciously stop by to visit!  I am happy I have completed my new zipper case.  I have the other half of the Moda mini-charm pack left over so I can make another one.  As I learn to quilt, I see where my weak point is ... binding!  But, I guess most new quilters have said the same thing when they started out.  With that said, I look forward to sewing another one with more skill, as I have had practice on this one.  Do you also practice on yourself? :)  I am going to look into finishing the next case with a back sewn-on binding and then machine stitching it into place, that will keep me from hand stitching the binding down on the backside.  I don't mind doing the sewing, but on a pencil case I think sewing the binding on would be better.

Happy Homemaking today!!
Mrs. B

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mini Charm Pack Project

Dear Gentle Readers:

Pretty Peachy!

Terrific Turquoise!

Back Side View

Front Side 
I am so delighted with my new mini charm pack from Moda.  I am making a new pencil case to carry my colored pencils in when I go to church and Bible study. The first picture is all the peach and tan colors in a row waiting to be sewn, (with a few square changes) and the second picture is all the turquoise and tan colored squares waiting patiently for their turn at the sewing machine. I had the choice between making the front part a row of 5 across and 3 down or 5 across and 4 down.  I decided on the 3 rows down and I am able to get 2 cases out of the mini charm pack.  I am waiting for the zippers I ordered to arrive tomorrow so I can finish up my little project.  Please stay tuned for more quilting fun!

May the Lord richly bless y'all!
Mrs. B

Monday, May 1, 2017

My Sew-Along Skirt...

Dear Ladies:

I was able to complete my skirt for the sew-along.  I like it with the red top and nautical sweater;  and a cute pair of navy canvas sneakers and I will be all set.  I look forward to seeing y'all's skirts!
The next project on the list is an Altoids' Mouse House.  Except these one will have a kitty kat! :)

I was able to purchase a Moda mini charm pack today-my very first ever! (pictures to follow after it arrives) It is a lovely set with bunnies and birds.  I am looking forward to making a new quilting project with these very nice small pieces.  It will, if it turns out, be going with me to the quilting guild meeting one day.  Oh, my, it sounds as if I committed myself... :)  So, I best be on my toes!  What things have you made with Moda fabric?

Blessings in the Lord,
Mrs. B